This is where you'll learn all about Travis Weston Holland.

Mush Face
This is one of my favorite pictures. He's about a week old.
His hair was so cute, he looked like he was wearing a cheap toupee', with his long hair on top, and short fuzz along the sides.

Another favorite. He's about 2 weeks old here. Doesn't he look like he should be holding a beer bottle?

The tongue!

Back in South Dakota. Would you believe he chopped all this wood? ;-)

Travis playing one of his favorite games, the Hat Game, with his Grampa. They would trade the hat back and forth, and laugh hysterically. This picture is especially precious because it was taken just days before my father was killed when his bicycle was struck by a speeding truck.

Sound asleep


You had no idea Green Eggs and Ham could be so fascinating, did you. Danny had a special way of reading it. He read it like 'rap', long before 'rap' came into existence. Travis loved it!


Walking along the rail road tracks across the street from our house. If you visit the About Us page you can see the view we had from our front door.

This was Travis' first day of kindergarten. Ashton was about one year old.

Travis, Ashton, and Dashiell, in 1996.
Danny took them to see The Indian In The Cupboard, I guess they liked it.


The kids were feeling creative.

Holding Savannah

ET phone home......(Fun house mirror at Sea World)


Playing spoons with friends, 25

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