Hi! This is where you'll learn all about Savannah Heather Skye.

Savannah at the beach in IB


I never knew a pacifier could be so fascinating.

Still waiting for some hair to appear.

Somebody loved spaghetti!


Savannah and Aidan. Being a big sister is exhausting!

One of my favorite pictures. She just LOVED Aidan!

She's been sweeping since she was a toddler!
Here she's helping Mommy sweep the dining room.

These were taken at Ma and Pa's house when Savannah was about 3 1/2.
Doesn't she look like a little princess, posing the way she is?

Savannah sweeping out her playhouse.

Savannah is 7, Aidan is 5.

This was Savannah's kitty, Tiger. She was a special present to Savannah when she was really little.
She'd been wanting a cat of her own for a long time. She was so thrilled to get Tiger she had to sleep on the floor next to Tiger the night we got her. Unfortunately, when Tiger was only a few years old, she got cancer, and had to be put down.

Savannah at 6 with Zelda, sister of Bonnie and Jolie.

At the Reuben H Fleet Space Theatre in Balboa Park. This was a display where you put a beach ball over the air tube and watch it float. Savannah found a new use for it.

Savannah at 8, with her bunny she named Jet.

Savannah and Aidan at Sea World.

Savannah, 9 1/2, and Tanner. We were delivering Shoney to Marilyn of Sierra Minis, and the kids just fell in love with Tanner. He's one of my 'canine grandkids', out of Sadie.

Savannah at 10, with a new haircut.

Posey's helping with the artwork

This was supposed to be a remake of the picture of them at 7 & 5 (above)...... oh well

The king in Cinderella

Walking Noa the dog

Savannah & the Snow Monster

Savannah's version of a snow man

At the beach, 15

16 and laughing about who-knows-what

Taken at Savannah's cousin's wedding

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