We splurged and spent Monday night in a hotel. Well, technically speaking it was a hotel. It had beds, a TV, and a bathroom. The light switch as you came in the door was taped over with painter's tape. Not a good sign. Danny took the first shower. Actually he was going to soak his aching muscles in the tub. When he got out he told me that he hadn't been sure he would be able to fit both legs in the tub. I thought he was exaggerating. He wasn't. After the bath he naturally wanted to put on clean clothes. "Lynn, would you bring me a pair of clean underwear?" We had splurged and, in honor of this great adventure, bought him some new socks, underwear, and a pair of pants. So I went to our suitcase to grab him a pair. Guess why the suitcase was so easy to close? None of his socks, underwear, or his new pants were in there! Wonderful. I offered him my salmon pink pair but he declined. So the next morning we went to the local Wal Mart to get him some new clothes and went on our merry way.

It was at some point after Indianapolis that the freeway turned into a parking lot. We sat there for nearly half an hour before we got moving again. We got to a turn-off where the police detoured us. This is what we saw. We felt sorry of all of those stuck past the turn-off, who knows how long they were there! But if it weren't for the accident and detour we wouldn't have seen all the quaint little towns we did.

Jesus rays over a farm house
I'm not sure what they do to make them so holy.......
Cambridge, Indiana
Cambridge, Indiana
Cambridge, Indiana
Cambridge again. What a classy old building!
Vinton House, Cambridge, Indiana
Vinton House, Cambridge

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The detour lasted another hour. If we could we would have taken the little state roads the entire trip.


We stopped near Columbus to put gas in the car, and it was snowing/hailing really hard!

(Danny says it's snow, but you can see the hail bouncing, and if you listen closely you can hear it clatter.)