We were figuring out the whole, "stop at a McDonald's to use their WiFi" by now. I believe it was in Tucumcari that the McDonald's WiFi worked better across the street at the KFC. Go figure.....

We saw abandoned houses everywhere along the trip. Some of them had real character.

Abandoned House
This place was tiny!
Abandoned House in New Mexico
Okay, so the character stops at the door.
Abandoned New Mexico House
There's a hole between the two rooms that appears to be a chimney.
Abandoned New Mexico House
A look at the ceiling.
Abandoned House Porch
The front porch. It was surrounded by old adobe bricks.

We weren't about to go inside, but took a peek through the windows.
It was interesting to see the old lath & plaster type walls and ceilings, instead of the modern drywall.

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We didn't actually spend much time in Texas, and I ended up doing the driving, so this is the only picture we got.

There were strong wind advisories as we crossed Texas. We learned that this means, "Hey look! The semi trailers flop around like bowls of Jello!" How do you change lanes in strong winds? Just take one hand off the steering wheel.

We learned the hard way that you can't trust Rogers & Hammerstein. They LIE! Oklahoma is NOT okay! We have nothing good to say about Oklahoma. Okay, before you get your undies in a bundle I will admit that we travelled through it at night, so maybe we missed something. However, it is significant that even Wal Mart doesn't like Oklahoma. According to the Wal Mart site there are only 20 Wal Marts in the entire state, and they are all in Oklahoma City! This would explain how we were able to drive across the entire state and not find a single one along the highway. Or should I say 'turnpike'. I now understand why roads are called 'freeways'. Here in San Diego we don't deal with toll roads. I didn't even realize that 'turnpike' was a euphamism for 'pay up, idiot' until this trip. According to the Merriam-Webster dicionary, a turnpike is an 'expressway'. Somehow the phrase expressway implies travelling quickly. I picture someone zipping down the road. That's not possible on the Oklahoma turnpikes. You barely get up to speed when it's time to slow down again to pay a toll. Anywhere from $.35 to $3.00, about every 5 minutes. You even have to pay to get OFF the turnpike!

We have come to the conclusion that toll roads are the main source of income in Oklahoma. Just for fun I did a search on Oklahoma turnpikes and one of the top sites was this one: Oklahoma Turnpike .

One humorous anecdote about Oklahoma. Just after we entered I saw a sign for Honeybee Farm Rd. I'd never thought of honey bees as being kept on farms before. Then my mind wandered to how bee keepers put their hives near various types of flowers to flavor the honey. That got me to wondering what honey would taste like from bees that lived on a traditional farm. (Hey, I'd been driving across Texas for 5 hours, give me a little slack!) So, if you kept bees near a pig farm, would it taste like honey ham? (Don't worry, that's not the humorous anecdote.) I was musing about this with Danny, and a little while later he said, "Hey look! A tornado farm!" Me, "What??" Him, "A tornado farm! A trailor park. Isn't that where they grow tornadoes?" Booooooooo..........

We spent that night in Joplin, MO, in, you guessed it, a Wal Mart parking lot.
And, unlike the ones in Oklahoma, *this* one wasn't hard to find!