We have more than just dogs and cats, we have a regular petting zoo! You should see the faces of other kids who come to visit, their eyes bug out and they practically vibrate with excitement.

We're working on pictures of the animals, they're camera shy...

We have 3 cockatiels; Corny (Cornelia), Kevin, and Pearl. Kevin and Pearl were given to us with those names. Kevin is a female, and Pearl is a male!

We also have 2 parakeets; Tourquoise and Tooty (Tooty sings non-stop) and an aviary of zebra finches. We have a wide variety of zebra finches with different mutations. Some are white, some are buff, some are grey. And some of them are crested, which means they look like they're wearing bad toupee's!

To top it off we have 6 bunnies. Our white spotted male Ashton named Bugs. He spends all day trying to open his cage. Our older black female came to us named Sassy, which fits, she's a real snot when you try to put her back in her cage. She has one prick ear and one lop ear, so Savannah named her Disco (remember John Travolta's arm movements in his famous dance?) Her daughter by Thumper is solid black with a white spot on her nose, so Savannah named her Snow Nose.

We then bred 'Disco Sassy' to Bugs and got the babies pictured here. What cuties! Aidan kept a black and white male and named him Glider, because of the way he hops, I guess. Savannah kept the brown female and named her Jet, because she's so fast. I wanted to name her Caramello, after one of my favorite candy bars, but I figure I get to name the dogs, the kids should get to name something!

We gave the other 3 babies to my brother's kids. They're so happy there! Then, for some crazy, inexplicable reason, when I was at the pet store looking for water bottles, I fell in love with a silver bunny. He looks like a chinchilla. He's a male, and one of the most gorgeous rabbits I have ever seen! The kids couldn't agree on a name, so I named him Spalding, after Spalding Grey.

This is Sassy's final litter.

This picture reminds me of slippers lined up in a row.