My third litter was Wanna'be Moody Blue of Bonza bred to Bonza Tawny Port.

Bonza! Tawny Port, 20"

Moody Blue, 19" 40-45 lbs

This is a bad picture of her, I can't find any others for some reason. She has a perfect topline.

Tawny is a full sized Aussie,and has an elegance and topline (don't let her picture fool you) that I wanted to bring in to the minis, as well as coming from good working lines. I felt that by breeding the two of them, both with perfect backs and toplines, I could lock that trait in, and worry about size in the next generation. I bred Tawny once, thinking that I could then breed back to her offspring. Unfortunately only one of her pups (Lady) was bred, but, due to circumstances beyond my control none of Lady's pups were bred. To me this is a shame, she was a special dog. I only mention this litter because her daughter Lady is such an outstanding dog, embodying what the Aussie is all about.

The nicest pup in this litter was Bonza For My Lady. Lady is a very special girl. I was unable to keep her, she needed a full-time job that I couldn't give her, so she became a hearing ear dog for a college student. They are very happy together, which is what breeding is all about, placing dogs in loving homes, knowing how much happiness they have brought to others. It's even better when you know the dog you placed is providing such an important service.

Bonza For My Lady

                                                       Huffman's Nik Nak
                                       Ch Wanna'be Picasso
                                                      O'Niel's Misty Blue
                        Ch Wanna'be Twist of Fate
                                                      Kovac's Red Rover Ralphie
                                       Ch Destiny's Wanna'be Jazz
                                                      Ch Croswhite's Miss Kitty Fox HIC
         Wanna'be Moody Blue of Bonza
                                                      Valhalla's Redford
                                       Valhalla's Teddy
                                                      Valhalla's Mignon
                        Ch Wanna'be Toulouse to Win
                                                      Kovac's Red Rover Ralphie
                                       Ch Destiny's Wanna'be Jazz
                                                      Ch Crosswhite's Miss Kitty Fox HIC

Moody/Tawny Litter

                                                      Razzlin' Samson of Little Spot
                                       Grey Oak's Impulsive
                                                      Grey Oak's Cedar Flash
                        Lucky B's Blaze of Glory
                                                      Bear Mountain's Arrogant Rajah
                                       Bear Mountain's Scarlet Rose
                                                      Czer's Penny For Luck
         Bonza Tawny Port
                                                      Some Like it Hot of Adelaide
                                       Southern Cross Sumthin's Burnin'
                                                       Wildfire of Windermere CD
                        Scarlet's Just Makin the Moves
                                                      Newhart's Flash of Fire
                                       Nejely's Mischievious Misty
                                                      Grey Oak's Shadow Flash

indicates an ASCA Hall of Fame sire or dam