Jally was 17 3/4" tall, 45 lbs

Moody Blue was 19" tall and 45-50 lbs.

This cross produced some wonderful puppies, five of them being Bonza Moonlight Serenade, Bonza Cielita Linda, Bonza Silver Fawn, Bonza Mexicali Rose and Bonza Quicksilver.
After this Moody was retired and placed in a pet home. He had incredible intelligence, coupled with phenominal drive, and needed to be in a home where he would get one-on-one attention. He's now in a wonderful home where he's spoiled rotten, which is precisely what he deserves. :-)
He has passed on his intelligence and drive to many of his puppies and their offspring, which is readily apparent even at a young age.

Left: Moonlight Serenade at 7 weeks.

Above: Taking Best in Group Puppy at 4 months

As an adult, at 16" and 35 lbs

Sara is the mother of Bonza Chyna Blue Moonbeams and Heatherly's High Rollin' Texan, both champion producers.

Bonza Silver Fawn at 7 weeks.
This is another one of my all time favorite pictures.

Silver when the litter that produced 'Kaleidescop' was 8 weeks old.

Silver is the dam of Int Ch Kinnausie Harvest Moon of Bonza (my 'Moon'),
Ch Kinnausie Holiday Cheer ('Emily' of Heatherly)
Ch Kinnausie Kaleidescop of Katch 22 HIC ('Kallei' of Kallie),
Ch Kinnausie Cinnamon Roper.
Those were the only 4 that went to show homes, and they ALL finished!

Quicksilver at 7 weeks of age. (How many puppies will let you do this?)

Savannah, Quicksilver and Mexicali Rose (Cali) at 7 weeks.

Another of my favorite photos,
Quicksliver and Cali.

Bonza Ceilita Linda enjoying the Texas sunshine.

Mexicali Rose at 5

Cali showing her father's side, being totally fanatical about catching her Kong in midair.

Cali is the dam of Ch Sierra's Heatherly Red Hot Special mHIC (Tucker) and Ch Sierra's Blazing Son (Lucky), among others.

Cali and Co. are all grown up now, Cali is the foundation bitch of Sierra Kennels.

                                                       Huffman's Nik Nak
                                       Ch Wanna'be Picasso
                                                      O'Niel's Misty Blue
                        Ch Wanna'be Twist of Fate
                                                      Kovac's Red Rover Ralphie
                                       Ch Destiny's Wanna'be Jazz
                                                      Ch Crosswhite's Miss Kitty Fox HIC
         Wanna'be Moody Blue of Bonza
                                                      Valhalla's Redford
                                       Valhalla's Teddy
                                                      Valhalla's Mignon
                        Ch Wanna'be Toulouse to Win
                                                      Kovac's Red Rover Ralphie
                                       Ch Destiny's Wanna'be Jazz
                                                      Ch Crosswhite's Miss Kitty Fox HIC

Moody/Jally Litter

                                                      CH Marquis Sunny Regards
                                       Topnotch Zachary
                                                      Topnotch Ticket
                        Topnotch Toone
                                                      CH Downeast Courageous
                                       CH Topnotch Touche'
                                                      CH Topnotch Trixie of Windsor
         Topnotch Jalapeno of Bonza
                                                      CH Downeast Courageous
                                       Topnotch Treat
                                                       Ch Topnotch Trixie of Windsor
                        Topnotch Truce
                                                      Topnotch Red Wool
                                       Topnototch Truzetta of Greyhaven
                                                      Briarbrook's Ruddy Roo CD