Here's a few pictures of my family -my parents and 3 older brothers.

My father, Theodore Weston Canfield (Wes), in January, 1936, in Wisconsin.

This is one of my favorite pictures of my father. Unfortunately it got damaged and I wasn't able to repair it very well.

One of his school photos

Another school photo, that his mother hand tinted.

Dad was in the Air Force Search and Rescue Squadron in Alaska in the early '50's.

My mom, Darlene Joyce Hartwig, in 1948.

Mom holding a kitten. She was raised on a farm, with cows, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and a steady stream of cats!

One of Mom's school pictures, I'm not sure how old she is here.

I love these pictures! My oldest brother Brett was peeking into this pipe, and Mom got a shot from each end.

Another classic set of photos. Mom, Dad, Brett and Joel were at Gramma Canfield's, visiting. Brett and Joel asked if they could play outside. Mom and Dad said sure, as long as they didn't get their clothes dirty. A while later Gramma went to check on the kids and came back in the house, laughing hysterically. All she could do was grab the camera and rush back outside. Well, they'd listened to Mom and Dad, hadn't they?