Our dogs are house pets, none of our dogs are kenneled. Our bitches' whelping box is set up in our bedroom, and remains there for the first 4 weeks of the puppies' lives. This gives me the opportunity to constantly monitor the puppies' temperaments, growth and care.

Due to the amount of time and energy devoted to our puppies we usually have one litter per year. We will never arrange a breeding unless we are absolutely convinced it will be an asset to the breed.

Naturally, all of our dogs have had their hip and eye clearances, all puppies have their eyes cleared before leaving, and are placed with a lifetime placement guarantee. This means that if, at any time in the life of the dog, you as the owner are no longer able to keep it, we want the dog back. We don't want any of our puppies ending up in an animal shelter or inferior home!

Puppy families will receive copies of both parents health clearances, as well as the puppy's. They'll also receive a 5 generation pedigree.

If you are interested in one of our puppies, please take the time to fill out my questionnaire. This not only helps me get to know you & what your needs are in a puppy, it also might trigger questions in your mind that you would like to ask me.

Whitney decided to pop early! March 29, 2014


Whitney honeymooned in Virginia, so we gave the puppies names from historic places there.

Click on each picture for the full sized version.

Black tri male

This guy has attitude to spare! His name is now Rufio, after the character in Hook.
He's staying in San Diego, so I'll get to watch him grow up.

Black tri female

Shenandoah is a spunky little girl who is going to strut her stuff in the show ring.
She's going to live with Kathy in Reno.

Blue merle male


Spots is now Bilbo. He'll be living in Coronado, so I'll get to watch him grow up, too!

Black tri female

She's just cute as a button! .

Blue merle male

Best co-pilot in the world.

Taze is such a hunk - he looks just like his father!. He's going to live with Andrew in New Hampshire.

Fun Pics

Click on each picture for the full sized version.

This time Elliot's wearing shoes without laces...


Free for all

Isn't she lovely?

Surry has conquered the mountain!

I love this picture of Shenandoah!

The chase is on!

Got 'im!

B-b-b-b-but I thought you wanted me to eat the blanky!

The little angel

The little lady

Shenandoah pretending to be a corgi

The maniac

Taze, now Squall

The two girls seeing who's cuter

Surry's nose

You're getting verrrrry sleeepyyy - NOT!

I know dogs love balls,
but I think building an alter to them is a bit extreme!

Taze vs Sweetpea

Surry's smile

Surry in the bread box

Mommy taking a picture of Elliot taking a picture of me.
Love the attention!

Enough of this nonsense!

Shenan & Surry

The Hole-In-The-Head Gang vs Sweetpea

Squally Puppy


A binkie and a rubber chicken. Life is good.

Dancing to the beat of the jungle drum.

Simultaneous belly rubs!

Dashiell thinks he looks like he's holding a meeting.

Surry is small, yet mighty!

Contemplating the meaning of life.
Or, more likely, when is the next meal.


Tickle Spot
Chester Zzzzzz's


Growth Chart

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Chester* 15 oz
1lb 14oz
2lb 10oz
3lb 3oz
3lb 14 oz
7lb 6oz
Shannon 15.5 oz
2lb 1oz
2lb 11oz
3lb 4oz
3lb 12oz
Spots 11 oz
1lb 12oz
2lb 2oz
2lb 11oz
3lb 3oz
5lb 11oz
Surry* 11.5 oz
1lb 8oz
2lb 11oz
3lb 5oz
5lb 11oz
Taze* 12 oz
1lb 13oz
2lb 8oz
3lb 2oz
3lb 10oz
6lb 11oz

(Natural Bob Tail * )

Previous Weeks

Week 8


Pedigree Luster/Whitney Litter

                                                      Justamere Rockin the Rockies
                                       Ch Harmony Hill's Money Talks
                                                     Ch Harmony Hill's True Lies
                         Ch Paradox Precedent
                                                      Ch Northbay's Ringside Rumor
                                       Ch Paradox Ferris Wheel
                                                      Ch Paradox Pinwheel
        Ch Milwin Inkwell Iridescent
                                                      Ch Blue Isle Dancin On Fayblehill
                                       Ch Bayshore Sittin' On A Goldmine
                                                      Ch ThreePines B'Gosh of Bayshore
                        Ch Milwin's Silver Ribbon at Inkwell
                                                      Ch Davlin Double Take, CD
                                      Ch Davlin Milwin Double Trouble
                                                      Davlin Dancing Feather

Luster/Whitney Litter

                                                     Ch Alyah's Patriotic Of Mill Creek
                                    Mill Creek's Patriotic Devotion
                                                      Ch Carolina Calais Calico Rose
                        Timberline's Orange Juice & Rum
                                                      Country Preacher of Mockingbird Hill
                                       Three Oaks Come Fly With Me
                                                    Mill Creek's Ez On My Mind
         True Blue Destiny One Moment in Time
                                                      Ch Crazy Heart's Talk to Me
                                       Ch Woodlake's Master Tech
                                                      Ch Woodlake's Gift of Sunshine
                        Ch Canyon Oak's Sierra Sunshine
                                                      Ch Canyon Oak's Fire in The Sky
                                      Canyon Oaks Annie Lennox
                                                     Donnybrook's HartieAnna Sierra



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