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Laurel is a nutcase. She's another lapdog, which isn't so bad since she doesn't weigh as much as her mom. She'll play fetch with anything, unlike her mother who will only play fetch with a ball. For some reason it looks ridiculous to see her play fetch with an empty paper towel tube. While she'll disembowel a stuffed animal in a matter of seconds, she's the first Aussie I've ever had who didn't chew up plastic toys. She has a hideous plastic chicken we got at Wal Mart when she was about 3 months old. Six months later and the only damage was that the feet broke off. Why is it that the ugliest toy I've ever seen lasts forever? She's also the first Aussie I've ever owned who loves the laser. (I know other dogs do, I've just never owned one.) She thinks of Aidan as 'laser boy'. If he steps outside at night she goes crazy looking for the laser beam.

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Pedigree RD/Ivy Litter

                                                      Diamond's Rowdy Bandit
                                       Saddleback's Bosco
                                                     Diamond's Lil Bit O Honey
                         Saddleback's Dude at Destiny
                                                      Bailey's Autumn Bo
                                       Bailey's Autumn Lady
                                                      Jensen's Sissy
         Cedar Valley RD of -C- Ranch
                                                      Waggin Tail Tiny Blue Jerry
                                       Boldheart's Mighty Shiloh
                                                      Pruitt's Tiny Black Sammi
                        Cedar Valley Boldhearted Cowgirl
                                                      CV's Camas Cody of Cowtown
                                      CV's Boldheart Ramblin Rose
                                                      CV's Diamond in the Mist

RD/Ivy Litter

                                                     Ch Elite's Eisen On The Cake
                                    Foxpointe's Easy Rider
                                                      Ch Foxpointe's Kandee Kisses
                        Ch Sundown's Bring It On
                                                       Ch The Final Spin For Heatherhill
                                       Sundown's No Buts About It
                                                    Sundown's Formal Occasion
         Bonza's Lavender Blue
                                                      Ch Moonlight's Hottest Thing Goin' CD
                                       Ch Snowcrest's Xtream Xposure
                                                      On Q Ames to Please
                        Bonza's Carnation Lily, Lily Rose
                                                      Siena's Red Hot to Trot
                                      Bonza's Cascabel
                                                      Topnotch Jalepeño of Bonza

indicates an ASCA Hall of Fame sire or dam


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