Belle delivered 7 puppies 3/19/06


(These pics were taken 2 days shy of 8 weeks.
I know some of these aren't the greatest. They had just nursed, and wanted to take a nap!)






'The Duke'


You'll need to scroll to the right to see all of the pictures

The Duke

'Blaze' went to the Hooyen Family



Bonza's It Hasta Be Shasta, "Shasta"
(Going to Diane Ricketson)

We have an old couch on the patio. Guess who was the first one to climb up on it?
Good thing she's going to an agility home!

Bonza's First Mate, "Mate"

He's going to live with the Kelley family.


The Halter family is going to have a blast with him!


He's going to be spoiled by the Bliss family.

Bonza's Happy Ending, "Fable"

Fable is staying with us.

This is a 6 wk pic
Fable's have happy endings, and so do Aussies. ;~D
Especially her, since Danny docked her tail on the long side.

"Maggie" (was Fortoula)

She's going to live with the De Camp family.

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