A puppy line-up.

L-R: Shasta, Magoo, Mate, Dookey, Bingo, Fable


Family Photos!

Dusty took time out of her busy schedule (they're in the process of moving to OR) to come down for a photo shoot. What a riot! She brought Jazzee, the puppies great grammaw, and, of course, Ho. The last time Ho was here was his two visits to breed Belle. The moment he stepped out of the car his eyes bugged out and he started drooling buckets - he was hoping for another honeymoon! Poor guy. It was quite a challenge getting him to focus on posing. And even more of a challenge to get the puppies to cooperate. I can't imagine what it would have been like with all seven here!

Back row: Shasta, The Duke, Fable, Fortoula (Maggie)
Front row: Belle (8), Jazzee (almost 13), Ho (5)

You'll notice Fable missing from several of the pictures. She was off exploring.
We brought her back for this one, but she was still trying to escape.

Belle doing her 'happy stupid' look, Ho eyeing Belle, Fable long gone. The Duke has the chew hoof.

Fortoula thinks she'll earn bonus points for cuteness, Shasta finally has the chew hoof.

Notice the maniacal gleam in The Duke's eyes. He just got done biting Aidan's nose!

Aw man, let me have the chew hoof! (Fortoula/Maggie left, Shasta right)

The Taste Test: Which tastes better, cow's hooves or kid's ears?

Okay, so I guess Toula does get bonus points for cuteness.

Yes, Belle pretty much always looks 'happy stupid'.

Ho during a brief moment of self-control.

Jazzee was a real trouper during the photo shoots.

I like this one

A nice head shot of The Duke, and Shasta goofing off. Can you see her smile?

Bingo (and Magoo) are part frog
just like their grandmother Jalapeno

Magoo and Aidan

Shasta mauling Aidan

The wolf pack hunted down Aidan
despite his attempts at camouflage.

Fortoula piercing Savannah's ear

Fortoula (5 wks)

Mate and The Duke

Another good picture of Shasta

Bingo Posing

Magoo teething on Danny's toes

Fable almost looking dignified

Right: Aidan in his groovy shades.
I love this picture!