Croswhite's Sassy Lass Sami Sami herding
Croswhite's Sassy Lass Sami, HIC, was the second mini Aussie to be Herding Instinct Certified.
She was what you'd call 'scary smart'. One day she told Danny she needed to go outside. He got up and followed her down the hallway, through the dining room, into the kitchen, where she sat down in front of the stove, where his hot dogs were cooking! She lied!

Sadie Rose
Two puppies went into breeding homes, one of them being Bonza! Sadie Rose.

(Unfortunately I can't find any pictures of their sire, Duffy, or of the other puppies. )


                                                       Kovac's Red Rover Ralphie
                                       Huffman's Nik Nak
                                                      Valhalla's Blueberry Brandy
                        Ch Wanna'be Picasso
                                                      Kovac's Red Rover Ralphie
                                       O'Niel's Misty Blue
                                                      Ch Crosswhite's Miss Kitty Fox HIC
         Ch Wanna'be Twist of Fate
                                                      Valhalla's Redford
                                       Valhalla's Teddy
                                                      Valhalla's Mignon
                        Ch Wanna'be Jazz
                                                      Kovac's Red Rover Ralphie
                                       Ch Destiny's Wanna'be Jazz
                                                      Ch Crosswhite's Miss Kitty Fox HIC

Duffy/Sami Litter

                                                      Gomes' Teddy Bear
                                       Valhalla's Redford
                                                      Valhalla's Becky
                        Valhalla's Russel
                                                      Cordova's Spike
                                       Valhalla's Mignonne
                                                      Valhalla's Cookie
         Croswhite's Sassy Lass Sami HIC
                                                      Cook's Joshua
                                       Huffman's Hunk of Coal
                                                       Harris' Sydney
                        Ch Crosswhite's Miss Kitty Fox HIC
                                                      Devin's Dampier Dan
                                       O'Niel's Misty Blue
                                                      Rinaldi's Blue Ashley



















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