Me taking a picture of Amy (my little sister) at the same time as she was taking a picture of me.

My sister Amy took this photo at Horton Plaza, on the same day.

My brothers and sisters

From our Wedding day.

This is one of my favorites of Lynn.
I used to have this one in my office at work, but it became damaged from constantly having to wipe other guys finger prints off of it.

Lynn thinks this picture is hilarious, because everyone is tilted.
Wes is leaning over cleaning his camera (right rear), Lynn is leaning on the railing,
and some stranger in the foreground is leaning back to get out of the way for the picture.

Lynn and friend. This was at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Lynn on our honeymoon. We were in St. George Utah. We spent the day at Zion National Park

The Threadgills (My Mom's Paternal Family)

The Tuckers

(My Mom's mother's family)


(My Mom's father

My Dad

I love to take photographs. See some more of my pictures here.

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