Is your puppy so out of control you suspect he has a future career guarding the gates of hell?

  Are you convinced he lays awake at night dreaming up mischeif?


Does the maniacal gleam in your teenager's eyes give you the shivers?

Don't despair!

After breeding Aussies for 20+ years we have plenty of personal experience dealing with puppies and teenagers.  We offer a variety of classes to meet your needs.


While group classes are wonderful for a myriad of reasons, not all puppies and dog are good candidates for group classes. If your puppy or dog is in his or her socialization period (adolescence or “teenage” period) and is showing signs of fear, is not able to adjust to the situation at hand and/or is becoming more and more reactive or disruptive, then your puppy or dog will not be in a good setting to learn, instead your puppy or dog could benefit greatly from private classes. In some cases behavior modification might also be needed

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Comes with 4 paws, needle sharp teeth, & deluxe mischief package

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It's never too early to start puppy training and socialization.  Puppies as young as 8 weeks can start training, and they learn quickly.

During a puppy's critical first 4 months we can:
Teach obedience and manners quickly and easily
Prevent bad habits
Prevent behavioral problems like aggression, fear, and separation anxiety
Easily instill manners that will last a lifetime



Early socialization is vital for your puppy's proper development. See the  AVSAB's position statement on puppy socialization for more details.

Age: 7 weeks to 16 weeks

This class is OPEN ENROLLMENT – that means you may start at any time. Orientation ( the first session) must be scheduled with Lynn in advance – Once you start (attend the second session), you must attend four consecutive weeks.

After attending orientation, puppy parents will attend four one-hour classes with their puppy. Each week is themed with a different training topic and problem prevention and solving topics. There is also puppy free play

Prerequisites:  10 days in your home

How dogs think and learn
Puppy House Training
Obedience commands including sit, down, stay, come, & leave it
Puppy Socialization to develop a stable, well balanced dog
Training methods so easy and gentle that even young kids can do it!
Solve problems like jumping, play biting, destructive chewing, barking, and pulling on leash


Our standard puppy training package includes an in-home private lesson and our Puppy Headstart group class.  Lynn will come to your home to create a custom house training plan as well as teach you how to properly start crate training, prevent door dashing, and prevent destructive chewing before it starts.

Prerequisites:  None (First lesson can be done before your get your puppy.)

Classes require a minimum of 3 dogs, with a maximum of 5. Classes are kept small in order to provide plenty of one-on-one time with each puppy family. If there aren't enough people enrolled we postpone the classes weekly until enough are enrolled.


Puppy Kindergarten 1 consists of basic behaviors such as sit/stay , down/stay, release, touch, (a target), this way (follow a target), come, eye contact (stationary and moving), loose leash walking, and 'leave it'. Topics that will be discussed will include crate training, potty training, stealing and tabletop/ counter surfing, digging, confidence building, biting/nipping and inhibition, chewing, jumping, barking and gonna get ya (emergency collar grabs).

Puppies are never too young to start learning! Puppies who are eligible to take this class are ages 3 to 6 months. This is a very crucial time in the puppies life as socialization is critical at this stage  If not exposed to a variety of sights and sounds during this period, the puppy can be fearful of unfamiar things it's exposed to later in life. It is highly recommended that if you are taking this class privately that you also enroll in a group class at the same time, so that you and your puppy learn the proper communication skills both between people and dogs and dogs and other dogs. Taking classes at this stage of development also helps to decrease the risk of behavioral problems developing later in life.

There is a 15 minute overlap of puppy playtime between K1 & K2. This allows for greater socialization


Puppy Kindergarten 2 consists of the same behaviors as 1 but also adds relax on mat, sitting politely for petting, learning environmental cues (ex. sitting when a door opens) and taking all these behaviors on the road to a slightly more distracting environment, for example, the park and around the neighborhood. Puppies that are eligible for this class for 5 to 6 months old. To be able to take this class you and your puppy must have completed Puppy Primary 1. Again it is highly recommended that if you are taking this class as private lessons, you enroll in a group class to continue to socialize your new puppy!

Puppy Day Training

Puppy Day Training programs are designed to help your puppy get a head start on basic manners and socialization while you're at work.. This course covers the same thing as K1 or K2, but with daily visits to your home. Longer sessions are available for owners who are away from home for long periods of time. Lynn will come to your home to work and play with your puppy, giving it the exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization it needs. One weekend visit is also required, where Lynn will preview with you what will be covered during the week.


Age: 6 months or older (Adolescent Period)
There is no free play in this class.

($225 for 6 weeks)

Basic Manners 1 consists of basic behaviors such as sit/stay , down/stay, release, touch (a target), this way (follow a target), come, eye contact (stationary and moving), loose leash walking, leave it and intro into heel position. Topics that will be discussed will include crate training, stealing and tabletop/counter surfing, digging, confidence/independence building, biting/nipping and inhibition, chewing, jumping, barking and gonna get ya (emergency collar grabs).

Dogs that are eligible for this class are ages 6 months +. At this age the dog is considered to be in adolescence. The puppy that is now becoming a “teenager” is undergoing both physical and mental changes. They are maturing sexually and socially and it is for that reason that there will be no free play allowed in class.

This class will focus on teaching or refining the basics for the participants and will not focus on socializing


Basic Manners 2 consists of the same behaviors at 1 but also adds relax on mat, sitting politely for petting, learning environment cues (ex. sit when a door opens) and taking all these behaviors on the road to a slightly more distracting environment. Some of these environments include the park and around the neighborhood.

Dogs that are eligible for this class are ages 6 months +. There will be no free play allowed in class as this is not a class that is focused on socializing. Dogs that take this class must have completed Adult Etiquette 1.


What to expect

Dog training should always be fun. Training in classes is focused on building solid, lifelong habits and a sturdy foundation for training. In class, students learn how to train their dogs and dogs are taught how to learn. This sets students up to have not only a set of cues and behaviors they can use to communication with their dogs, but also a simple way to teach and troubleshoot in the future.

Between classes or private lessons, you will be expected to practice what you have learned. Classes will be a combination of discussion, instruction by the trainer, and hands-on practice by the student, so that you learn theories and skills that will help you and your dog communicate efficiently with one another.

Only positive reinforcement methods will be used; no force, intimidation, punishment, or correction – ever.  (And don't worry – you won't need it!)

Group classes are small, and there is plenty of time for questions and individual attention and cover all appropriate aspects of general curriculums based on the age range or training level the class covers


Train with a friend program

This is a custom training package for you and a friend, relative, neighbor, or co-worker (larger groups also welcome).  If you've both got a dog who needs some training, Lynn will come to a location convenient to your group and teach private classes to you and your group.  Email Lynn to set up your personalized training experience with the people and dogs you want to share it with!   Contact Lynn for pricing details based on the size of your group and the number of sessions.