Bonza Cascabel

Ch Snowcrest's Xtream Xposure

This litter was born Nov 15, 2003. It was an ASCA/AKC litter. We kept Carny, who stayed small.

Bonza's Willing And Able (now Diesel)

Bonza's Carnation Lily, Lily Rose (Carny)

Bonza's Pale Layla (with Aidan)

Bonza's Red Sky At Night (Harley)

Bonza Sierra Shoshone Lovesong (Shoney)

Bonza's Buster Black

Bonza's Reddi And Willing (Will)

'Shoney' and 'Diesel'

How our puppies spend most of their time.

To see pictures of them when they're older, click here.

                                                      Ch Sunspot of Windermere
                                       Ch Some Like it Hot of Adelaide
                                                      Ch Hotsy Todsee of Fireslide
                        Ch Moonlight's Hottest Thing Going
                                                     Ch Huggie Bear of Shy K&D CD
                                       Gingerbread's Sweet Success CD
                                                      Stardust's Stormy Delight CD
         Ch Snowcrest's Xtream Xposure
                                                       BIS BISS Ch Summertime Showtime of Old West CD
                                       Vista Bliss' Sir Lucky Luke
                                                      Jubille Santa's Brandy
                        On Q Ames to Please
                                                      Fireslide Kjunmoon of Sundown
                                       Riverview's Black as Coal
                                                      Sundown's Liberty Song

Cheyenne/Belle litter

                                                      Ch Siena's Sock It To Em
                                       Ch Sienna's Powerhouse
                                                      Ch Siena's Glory Be of Shadowmere
                        Sienna's Red Hot to Trot
                                                      Ch A-J's Lite is Shining
                                       Sienna's Brite City Lite CD
                                                      Siena's Shining Brite CD
         Bonza Cascabel
                                                      Topnotch Zachary
                                       Topnotch Toone
                                                      Ch Topnotch Touche'
                        Topnotch Jalapeno of Bonza!
                                                      Topnotch Treat
                                       Topnotch Truce
                                                      Topnotch Truzetta of Greyhaven

indicates an ASCA Hall of Fame sire or dam