These are some cats we've owned over the years, from our childhoods through today. Special cats that are gone, but not forgotten. (Still under construction)

Left to right are Bonnie,Billy, Zelda, and Jolie.

These are Kiwi's kittens. Zelda somehow got outside when she was 4 months old and was never seen again. That was a few years ago and we still miss her, she was a real character.

We lost Jolie (on the left) and Bonnie (right) last October. We're still heartbroken!

Bonnie on the cockatiel cage.


Travis watching Gary and Zelda playing.

This is Gary.

He was brought in to my Vet's office when he was 2 weeks old. He had a horrible upper respiratory infection that was so bad his left eye ruptured. One of the Vet Techs kept him until he was 4 months old, but couldn't keep him at the time. He was only 2 weeks younger than Kiwi's litter, so we adopted him. Being raised without a mother, with a pit bull for a foster mom, he played pretty rough. The only cat that could handle him at first was Kiwi. He settled in pretty quickly, and had every one wrapped around his paw. Danny named him Gary after Sponge Bob Square Pant's pet snail.

One night, in the 'wee wee hours', I walked in to the bathroom and found Gary in the sink! It was quite unnerving to suddenly see a sink open a pair of eyes!

This is typical Gary.

He played so rough that few cats can handle playing with him, but when he's sleepy he's a total baby. He starts purring and frantically making a nest about 4 feet in diameter. Too silly! His earlier illness damaged his eye, and when he was almost 4 he finally went almost completely blind. He was having trouble adjusting to life in our busy house, with the constant activity. We asked the Vet Tech that originally gave him to us if she could take him back and thankfully she could. Gary settled in to the quiet atmosphere very quickly (he seemed to remember his old home!).

Linux as a kitten.

Linux was hit by a car in September. Savannah and I just happened to drive by moments after it happened. Heartbreaking for the entire family.

Cleo's sister, Tiger. She was Savannah's special kitty when Nana was little. Unfortunately she contracted lymphoma.

What our cats dream about at night.