We have several cats. We have a habit of fostering abandoned mother cats, and then end up keeping the mother and most of the kittens. Kiwi, Cleo, and Candy are all mothers that we ended up keeping, the rest of these cats (except Piper) are their kittens. You can see cool cats we've owned in the past on the next page.

Sir Reginald Godfry, Duke of Chutney

He's our latest rescue kitty. With loosing Bonnie & Jolie, we didn't have any longhaired cats. I've dreamed of owning a long haired, solid grey kitty since I was a young child. We heard that the animal shelter was so over-run with cats that they were giving away adult cats free. We took a look, and it was love at first sight! Sir Reginald is one of those kitties that, the moment you start to pet him, he collapses on his side, purring.

Dantes (black) & Mercedes (grey tabby)

These are our other two new babies. Savannah has always wanted a solid black cat. As we walked through the shelter, Dantes reached through the bars of his cage and grabbed her! That's all it took. He's one of those kitties that all you have to do is look at him and he purrs like a lawn mower engine. He's also obsessed with washing noses, we haven't figured that one out yet. ;~)

Mercedes is our special needs kitty. Also from the shelter, he had such a bad upper respiratory infection that he lost some vision in his left eye. He also has a polyp in his right ear. This causes him to carry his head at a tilt, which gives him great character. He's everyone's baby, being carried in our arms on his back, with his paws on our chins, while he purrs contentedly.

Top Hat & Dantes are best buddies. When Dantes isn't terrorizing the dogs, or washing our faces, you'll find him curled up with Toppy.

This is Tansy. She's a stunning silver tabby.

She has decided she's Ashton cat. As you can see, he doesn't have much choice in the matter. ;~D
(Notice how she's holding Ashton's hand with her paws.)

This is Yoda. He was a bottle baby. He started off Savannah's kitty, back in '04.

For some reason he's adopted me, but he still cuddles with Savannah.
He's obsessed with trying to nurse on my neck. He'd lay on my chest 24/7 if he could.

Candy (on the right) and her daughter Posey (on the left)
We no longer own Candy, she moved in with the neighbors.

Linux, Tophat, and Posey, the three of Candy's kittens that we kept. We lost Linux in Sept.

Tophat is a nut. He couldn't act dignified if his life depended on it!

Linux (left) and Posey (right).

Left to right are Bonnie,Billy, Zelda, and Jolie.

These are Kiwi's kittens. Animal control brought a young cat in to the hospital where I was working. She was found by the side of the road, giving birth! The pet hospital couldn't keep them because they were healthy. Animal control didn't want to take them to a shelter because the kittens would get sick. Naturally I brought them all home. Zelda somehow got outside when she was 4 months old and was never seen again. That was a few years ago and we still miss her, she was a real character. We've now lost Bonnie & Jolie as well.

Kiwi is on the left, her daughter Bonnie is on the right.

I named her Kiwi because she was a greenish brown color that I'm not used to seeing in cats. I was trying to think of something greenish-brown and fuzzy, and all I could think of was mold and kiwi fruit. Kiwi sounded better than Mold or Mildew!

This is Cosmo.
He's Cleo's son, and Wanda's brother. He's kinda neurotic like his mom, but he loves to cuddle as long as no one else is around.
He's got some of the softest fur I have *ever* felt!

Piper as an adult, with his winter coat

We got Piper from my niece. He's a gorgeous cat, but doesn't have a voice to match his looks. His meow sounds like a person doing a really irritating imitation of a Siamese cat. (Hence the name Piper, my niece was always telling him to pipe down!) He's an outside cat, he doesn't like the other cats or the dogs.

This is Cleo, littermate to the late Tiger.

Cleo was my brother's cat. When they moved to a place that didn't allow pets we took her in. She has a totally different temperament than her sister. She's rather neurotic, and has a perpetually scared look to her face. That's just the way she is. She prefers being an outside cat, that way she doesn't have to put up with the other cats, and all the dogs.

This is Wanda, Cleo's daughter.
Clearly, she doesn't have the neurotic issues that her mother has! ;~D

What our cats dream about at night.