Carny popped Feb 14th!

If you think you might be interested in this litter, please fill out my questionnaire. It will probably take you a while to fill out. It also takes me a while to write a detailed response (I write an individual, detailed response to each questionnaire.) If you don't hear from me within 48 hours, please send me a reminder email, as sometimes the questionnaire gets buried under newer emails. Thanks!

Picard is a cheerful, confident, outgoing puppy.

Picard's First Time On Leash

Breed/Show Quality

No, that's not a cigarette in her mouth, it's a French fry!

I finally got some pictures that do her justice!


Ahhhhh, that's the spot!

Guinan is such a neat little girl. She definitely has an On/Off switch. She plays hard, and she snuggles hard.
Pet Quality, Available to an Active Home

Darmok, now Merlin, has gone to live with Carol & Jeff in Poway.

They finally invented a boneless puppy.

Working on walking on leash.

Bonza Takes It In Stride, 'Strider', has going to live with his uncle Saber, and aunt Fable.

I don't know what Savannah gave him to drink......

Savannah & Aidan worked with Q to teach him name recognition, coming when called, and to walk on a leash.

He didn't need a cookie for a reward, hugs & kisses did fine.

Q and Top Hat playing.

Billy doesn't like dogs.....

I bow before thee, oh great one...

I feel pretty, oh so pretty.........

Nothin' Left to Lose of Bonza, 'Freedom', is going to live with Jan.
(Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothin' Left to Lose - Me & Bobby McGee, Gordon Lightfoot)

Bonza's Lavender Blue, "Ivy", is staying here.

Week 7

Week Six

Week 6 Videos

Guinan Playing

Week Five

Week 5 Videos

Picard 1
Q 1
Riker 1

Picard 2

Q 2
Riker 2
Guinan 1
Darmok 1
Guinan 2
Darmok 2

Week Four

Week Three

Week Two

Week 2 Videos

Week 2 Video
Week 2B Pictures & Video

Week 1 Pictures

Newborn Pictures

Name Birth Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Picard 11oz 1lb 5oz 2lb 2lb 9oz 3lb 9oz 5lb 1oz 6 lb 6oz 8lb 2oz  8lb 11oz
Tribbles (nbt*) 9.5oz 1lb 4oz 1lb 14oz 2 lb 9oz 3lb 7oz 4lb 7oz 5lb 5oz 6lb 6oz  7lb 7oz
Locutus 9.3oz 1lb 3oz 1lb 15oz 2 lb 9oz 3lb 7oz 4lb 10oz 5lb 14oz 7lb 4oz
7lb 11oz
Q (nbt*) 9.5oz 1lb 4oz 1lb 14oz 2lb 8oz 3lb 9oz 4lb 9oz 5lb 11oz 7lb 8oz
7lb 6oz
Guinan (nbt*) 9.2oz 1lb 4oz 2lb 1oz 2lb 10oz 3lb 9oz 4lb 14oz 6lb 1oz 6lb 7oz  8lb 1oz
Riker (nbt*) 11.5oz 1lb 7oz 2lb 2oz 2 lb 12oz 3lb 12oz 5lb 3oz 6lb 12oz 7lb 15oz
9lb 3oz
Darmok 10.8oz 1lb 8oz 2lb 3oz 2 lb 15oz 3lb 15oz 5lb 6oz 7lb 1oz 8lb 2oz
9lb 14oz
*NBT = Natural Bob Tail

6 Weeks
8 Weeks
Tribbles (nbt*)
Q (nbt*)
Guinan (nbt*)
Riker (nbt*)



Ch Propwash Phantom of the Sky
Ch Propwash Manape Ghostrider
Ch Propwash Boomerang Tangrey
Ch Elite's Eisen On The Cake
Ch Summertime Special Effects
Ch Rosewood's Summertime Romance
Ch Summertime's Tangerine Dream
Foxpointe's Easy Rider
Ch Brigadoon's One Arrogant Dude
Ch Casa Blanca Tot'ly Awesome Dude
Ch Milli Vanilli of Heatherhill
Ch Foxpointe's Kandee Kisses
Ch Jubilee's Plain Brown Wrapper
Ch Foxpointe's Kissin Kate
Sundown's Hot Blue Daisy
Ch Sundown's Bring It On
Ch Winchester's Rollin Rapids
Ch Agua Dulce Final Option
Ch Country Hotline of Agua Dulce CDX
Ch The Final Spin For Heatherhill
Ch Brigadoon's Moonraker
Moonspinner of Brigadoon
Ch Windswept of Windermere
Sundown's No Buts About It
Ch Tri-Bar's Macon Whoopie
Ch Windhill's Shine On Macon
Int Ch Ch Windhill's Rise-N-Shine
Sundown's Formal Occasion
Ch Rosewood's Red Hot Special
Ch Frankly My Dear At Sundown
Daisy Maize of Sundown
Cade/Carny Litter
Ch Sunspot of Windermere
Ch Some Like It Hot of Adelaide
Ch Hotsey Todsee of Fireslide
Ch Moonlight's Hottest Thing Goin' CD
Ch Huggie Bear of Shy K&D CD
Gingerbred Sweet Success CD
Stardust Stormy Delight CD
Ch Snowcrest's Xtream Xposure
BIS BISS Ch Summertime Showdown of Old West CGC
Vista Bliss' Sir Lucky Luke
Jubilee Santa's Brandy
On Q Ames to Please
Fireslide Kjunmoon of Sundown
Riverview's Black As Coal
Sundown's Liberty Song
Bonza's Carnation Lily, Lily Rose
Ch Siena's Sock It ToEm
Ch Siena's Power House
Ch Siena's Gory Be of Shadowmere
Siena's Red Hot to Trot
Ch A-J's Lite Is Shining
Siena's Brite City Lite
Siena's Shining Brite CD
Bonza Cascabel
Topnotch Zachary
Topnotch Toone
Ch Topnotch Touche'
Topnotch Jalapeno of Bonza
Topnotch Treat
Topnotch Truce
Topnotch Truzetta of Greyhaven

indicates an ASCA Hall of Fame sire or dam