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Litter Born July 20th!

I am SO excited about this litter! These puppies should have it all, bubbly, outgoing temperaments, the energy and drive for agility, herding, etc., the conformation for the show ring, but most importantly, the loving, velcro dog temperament Aussies are known for. Both Blitz and Carny would gladly spend their days cuddling in my lap (that is, when Blitz isn't running circles around the moon!).

Proud Mommy

Please remember that this is a 'STANDARD' litter of AKC registered Aussies, NOT minis! While I hope that they will be on the smaller side, 18 - 20 inches, I can't guarantee it.

Click here to learn more about Blitz and Carny.

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Carny had 8 puppies, not bad for a first litter!

We decided to name these pups after punctuation marks. I've always thought Ampersand and Tilde were neat words, and my son Travis thought Underscore would be a cool name (okay, we're weird, get used to it! ;~D).

All but one of the pups have gone to their new homes, Comma, now Apollo, will be leaving soon as well.


Week 8 9/15/07

Here they are:

Ampersand (&)

This is Ampersand (Sandy), now Luke. He's being spoiled by Jim & Ginny.

Bracket ( [ )

He was wrestling with Savannah ;~D

This is Bracket, now Hayden.

He's a busy little boy, so it's good he's going to a busy home. He's going to run his uncle Diesel ragged!

Comma ( , )

This is Comma, now Apollo.

He's such a sweetie pie! Richard & Nancy just love him to pieces.

Elipse (.....)

He's trying one of those Russian Cossack dances....

Okay, now it's the Can Can

This is Elipse, now Ollie. Kyle & Kristen couldn't live without him!

Hyphen ( - )

This is Hyphen, now Kona. She's keeping the Rose & Co busy!

Tilde (~)


This is Tilde, now Dizzy.

She lives with her cousin Kiah, & human, Ayella, in Canada. Talk about spoiled......

Umlaut ( ¨ )

Umlaut (as in ö), is now Cooper. He's such a nut! He's always making Nellie & family laugh. ;~D

Underscore ( _ )

Eager to attack the slicker brush!

Underscore, now 'Bandit', is blossoming into a little booger, but Margaret can handle him.

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Week 1

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Week 6

Week 7

Growth Chart
Name 0 (oz) Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
Ampersand 13 1 lb 8 oz 2 lb 1 oz 2 lb 13 oz 4 lb 2 oz 6 lb 10 oz 8 lb 2 oz  
Bracket 11.3 1 lb 6 oz 2 lb 1 oz 2 lb 14 oz 3 lb 15 oz 6 lbs 6 lb 12 oz  
Comma 13.5 1 lb 10 oz 2 lb 7 oz 3 lb 5 oz 4 lb 8 oz 6 lb 12 oz 8 lb 1 oz  
Elipse 12 1 lb 10 oz 1 lb 15 oz 2 lb 11 oz 4 lb 0 oz 6 lb 6 oz 7 lb 0 oz  
Hyphen 11.3 1 lb 8 oz 2 lb 1 oz 3 lb 0 oz 4 lb 5 oz 6 lb 12 oz 8 lb 0 oz  
Tilde 12.5 1 lb 12 oz 2 lb 7 oz 3 lb 4 oz 4 lb 8 oz 6 lb 6 oz 7 lb 6 oz  
Umlaut 10.5 1 lb 6 oz 2 lb 0 oz 2 lb 13 oz 4 lb 2 oz 6 lb 7 oz 7 lb 8 oz  
Underscore 12.2 1 lb 11 oz 2 lb 6 oz 3 lb 6 oz 4 lb 12 oz 6 lb 13 oz 8 lb 1 oz  


What do you get with a Bonza puppy? First off, a lot of this:

Puppies are raised in our home until they're 5 - 6 weeks old, and are then moved to our yard, where they have free run of half of the yard. This way they learn to potty along the outskirts of the yard, keeping their play area clean. This makes house training a breeze. They sleep in crates (with the doors removed), on our covered patio, so they're already familiar with crates before going to their new homes.

Pedigree for Blitz/Carny litter

                                                      Ch Brigadoon's One Arrogant Dude
                                       Ch Brigadoon's California Dude CD HS STDs
                                                     Ch Windswept of Windermere CD
                         Ch Royalaire's Heartsafire Tsali CGC TC TD
                                                      Ch Briarbrook's Game Plan
                                       Carolina's Touch My Heart
                                                      Ch Almond Joy of Southwynd CD
          Snowcrest's Thundering Blitzen
                                                       BIS BISS Ch Moonlight's Hottest Thing Goin'
                                       Ch Moonlight's Rollover Beethoven
                                                      Ch Jazz of Bainbridge
                       Ch Snowcrest's Lightning Strikes Twice
                                                     Famous Amos Bear
                                       Montana's Blue Ravin' On Q
                                                      Dream Come True On Q

Blitz/Carny Litter

                                                     Ch Some Like it Hot of Adelaide
                                    Ch Moonlight's Hottest Thing Goin' CD
                                                      Gingerbred Sweet Success CD
                        Ch Snowcrest's Xtream Xposure
                                                       Vista Bliss' Sir Lucky Luke
                                       On Q Ames to Please
                                                    Riverview's Black As Coal
         Bonza's Carnation Lily, Lily Rose
                                                      Ch Siena's Power House
                                       Siena's Red Hot to Trot
                                                      Siena's Brite City Lite
                        Bonza's Cascabel
                                                      Topnotch Toone
                                      Topnotch Jalepeño of Bonza
                                                      Topnototch Truce

indicates an ASCA Hall of Fame sire or dam

Savannah in the freshly cleaned whelping box.Ashton and Dashiell cuddling Jally's first litter.