Here's where you'll learn all about Liam Michael Ashton.

Ashton as a baby, showing off those big eyes of his.

Angel Face!
We call this the 'Mommy Sandwich', with Travis snuggled up on one side, and Ashton on the other.

Again with the amazing eyes......

Ashton liked to sit here, and sometimes he'd fall asleep.

Travis and Ashton on Travis' first day of kindergarten. Ashton was about 1 1/2 at the time.


He's about 5 here.

Holding his new little brother Aidan (7)

Ashton at 10.

Ashton at 12 1/2.


Ashton at 13

14 years


Ashton's almost 16 here, at the tidepools in Point Loma

Ashton in the snow at Idyllwild. He's almost 18.

He said snow gets old after a while. (He needed a warm hat!)

This handsome young man is 21 here.

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