Lynn Whinery has been obsessed with animals since she was an infant. She read everything she could get her hands on about dogs, wolves, giraffes, dolphins, pretty much anything. But especially dogs.   After marrying she and her husband had several mutts before Lynn realized her lifelong dream of entering the pure-bred dog world and 'making a difference'. She founded the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America, the only national breed club for Australian Shepherds of a smaller size. She has placed dogs in competitive homes in Sweden, England, Canada, and throughout the U.S.

After entering the dog world Lynn began studying even more, learning about nutition, genetics, and behavior. This is where her childhood interests paid off. When studying dog training she came across a familiar name, Karen Pryor. She's credited with popularizing 'clicker training', a positive reinforcement training method used with killer whales, elephants, dogs, and even chickens. As a teenager Lynn had read Pryor's book "Lads Before the Wind", about her adventures learning these training methods when she opened Sea Life Park in Hawai'i. Now, 15 years later, she was able to see how those early experiences had gone on to influence the world of animal training.


In 1999, when the youngest of her 5 children turned 4, Lynn decided to go to college. Originally intending to become a veterinary technician she ended up getting a degree in psychology instead! By studying human behavior she was studying animal behavior as well, since the two are overlapping. Before graduation cum laude with distinction Lynn had started working as a dog trainer for a chain pet store. Later she branched out on her own.


The training methods Lynn uses are based on science, not on tradition or folklore. She provides her students with educational information based on the latest scientific research of what we know, and don't know, about dogs. Using positive reinforcement methods she teaches practical solutions for people and their pets.She provides families with the foundation and tools needed to build a lifelong partnership with their dog based on mutual trust and understanding.


Lynn provides education on canine behavior, how to prevent inappropriate behavior, creative problem solving, and how to use humane, positive training techniques.

BA in Psychology, cum laude (GPA 3.6), with distinction (major GPA 3.8)


     Phi Theta Kappa

     Psi Chi

Honors and Awards

     Mesa College Scholarship Foundation, 2000

     Associated Students Leadership Award, 2002

     McNair Scholar

Research Experience

Research Assistant: Effects of Fetal Alcohol Exposure on brain and behavioral development, Center for    Behavioral Teratology. Responsibilities: Gathering and analyzing data, computer entry, train research assistants. Supervisor: Jennifer Thomas, PhD.

Research Assistant: Effects of Exercise on Some Fetal Alcohol Effects, Center for Behavioral Teratology. Responsibilities: Participate in research design, gathering and analyzing data, computer entry. Supervisor: Jennifer Thomas, PhD.


Paper: Whinery, L., Thomas, J., Effects of Exercise on Some Fetal Alcohol Effects. University of California , San Diego , Summer Research Conference, August 2004


Voluntary exercise influences behavioral development in rats exposed to alcohol during the neonatal brain growth spurt
- Jennifer D. Thomas, Tamie Miura Sather, and Lynn A. Whinery
Dept. of Psychology, Center for Behavioral Teratology, San Diego State University, San Diego,
CA 92120    (Behav Neurosci. 2008 December ; 122(6): 1264–1273. doi:10.1037/a0013271)

Founder of a national non-profit organization, MASCA, the Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America, Inc.  President for 3 years, board member for 2.


We're firm believers in raising kids and dogs together. In fact, we've raised 5 children with dogs, without having any issues. We're eager to help you have the same success with your family. Because we only use positive training methods, your children can safely participate in all aspects of training!

We involve the whole family in training and welcome children in classes.  We'll teach you fast, fun, effective training techniques that fit into your daily routine to solve real world problems like jumping, play biting, dogs knocking the kids over, counter surfing, leash pulling, chewing, and door dashing. We encourage the family to use short training sessions, making it easier for both people and dogs to concentrate. Just think - by working with your dog during commercial breaks of one TV show, you get in 20 minutes of training!

If you're looking to train a show dog or a guard dog, we'll be happy to recommend someone in that business.  If you're looking for someone who understands the challenges of busy families raising kids and dogs together, we're here for you.

Lynn has chosen to maintain a one-person training operation. This ensures an ongoing personal relationship of individualized attention to all of her two and four legged clients.